Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Rules Of Indian Railway

       Rules of Indian Railway Some People Never Knew About It

In India crores of people travels by train regularly. But there are many Indian railways rule which passengers are not aware it is our responsibility to share information that would help to solve passengers problem or travel worries. Following are the rules which passengers should know.
Rules of Indian Railway, Rules of tatkal ticket and middle birth
Indian Railway

RULE 1: Sleeping hours for middle birth or Rule of middle birth.

Sometimes the rule of middle Birth hurts the passengers very badly. Because the rule says that the occupant of the middle birth cannot keep the birth up beyond the sleeping hours. The sleeping hours is from 10 PM to 6 AM. Occupant can’t keep the middle birth in the day time. After the sleeping hour the birth should be lowered to accommodate the smooth seating of co-passengers. According to middle birth rule the rule mandates that all the passengers should be comfortably seated in the lower birth during the day hours.

RULE 2: Refund of tatkal tickets is also available!

Sometimes we have to travel urgently to some place and we don’t have the ticket because we have to plan our journey 4 months before the journey date. But when we have to travel urgently we book tickets from tatkal tickets. Tatkal tickets is our last minute choice. Till tatkal tickets are non-refundable. But according to new rule you can claim for tatkal tickets refund too. If your train is delayed by more than 3 hours or there is some change in route of your train due to some technical issues. There are one more condition for refunds of tatkal ticket that is your train misses your station. In this situation you have full rights to claim for refund.

RULE 3: Rule of two stops to help passengers.

Rule of two stops, or missed train.
Rule of two stop.

This rule says that if you miss the train from your Boarding station, the TTE cannot allocate your birth until the train passes the next two stops. So this rule also allows you to board from the nest upcoming stations from your boarding station mentioned on your tickets. And once the train is passed from more than two stops from your boarding stop than the TTE is free to allocate the seat only to the next RAC passenger.

RULE 4: Policy for lost tickets.

This rule is very useful for passengers. According to this rule when any passenger lost or misplaced the ticket before the upcoming journey, than there is a way to go ahead with their journey. In this situation you have to submit a requesting application with a photocopy of your identity card to issue a duplicate ticket to the Chief Reservation Supervisor at the boarding station. This request is done only before 24 hours of journey date. After inspection from railway the duplicate ticket would be provided to you and you have to payment nominal processing fees for this service.

RULE 5: Prices of packed foods or water bottles.

The railway has a very clear policy for selling foods or water bottles in the train or stations. This rule says that the foods items or bottles cannot sell over the MRP. And If someone caught doing this would be punished with a heavy fine and maybe license get cancelled. Railway provides tollfree no. to register complains in this regard.

The tollfree no. is 1800111321.

So these are some rules which every passenger should know to travel without any worries and to enjoy their journey.