Thursday, March 14, 2019

Rates of Mobile Data is Less in India than other Countries

        Rates of Mobile Data is Less in India Than Other Countries

Mobile data is used in all countries. Every country and every telecom companies has their own data rates. But in India the mobile data rates are very less in comparison of other countries mobile data rates. The reason of less Mobile data rates is of Jio telecom company. In the ownership of Mr. Mukesh Ambani the launch of jio network creates problem for other telecom companies in India. The launch of reliance jio makes revolution in India. And by the launch of jio the data rates decreases in India very much and in present time India has very less data rates than other countries. In India the rate of 1gb data is approx. 18.50Rs. and at the world scale the rate of 1GB data is 600Rs. According to a research in India the average rate of 1GB data is 0.26$(18.50Rs) and in Britain the average rate of 1Gb data is 6.66$(469Rs) and in America12.37$(approx. 870Rs). In world the average of 1GB data is 8.53$. In India there are 57 types of Mobile plans are available and in these plans we find that the lowest 1GB data rate is 1.75Rs(0.02$) and highest rate is 99.9Rs(1.4$).
Rates of Mobile Data is Less India than other countries
Rates of Mobile Data

The mobile data consumption in India is highest at present time in world. It is approx. 1.4 million GB every month. According to the latest performance there were 445 million internet subscribers at the end of year 2017. In market smartphones are getting cheaper due to huge user of smartphone. Sometimes without Mobile data people feel that is  box not a phone.

 Rates of Mobile Data of Other Countries After India

In low rates of mobile data after India the other countries are Kingistan, Kajaqistan and Ukrane. In these countries the average rate of 1Gb data is 0.27$(approx.19Rs), 0.49$(approx.34.50Rs) and 0.51$(approx.36Rs) respectively. The highest rate of mobile data is in Zimbabwe. The rate of per Gb data in Zimbabwe is 75.20$(approx. 5290Rs).

Data Rate in Pakistan, Sri Lanka And China

In Pakistan and some other countries  the rate of per Gb mobile data is 1.85$(approx.131Rs), in Sri Lanka 0.87$(approx. 62Rs), In Bangladesh 0.99(approx.70Rs) and in China 9.89$(approx.696Rs).
So these are mobile data rates in other countries and India. And In this we find that India has heavy user but in India the data rates are very less and affordable.