Saturday, March 2, 2019

Talking with the Dog is the sign of wise People

            Talking with Dog is in Nature of Wise People

After reading this Article some people start laughing. But many people saw in his colony that your neighbor or your friend talks with their pet Dogs or with other Dogs and you think that he is doing foolish work. But from science he may not be crazy man but it is possible that he is wise from you and by science it is the part of Humanization.
wise people talks with Dog,photos of Dogs
Women with Dog

 According to Research 15% of Britain people accept that cats, dogs or any other pet animals are the part of their life. They love them very much sometimes more than their family members. In Research family of Britain Megwayer Laa,1254 peoples are selected for a survey. In which some questions asked about pet animals and they get that in the situation of divorce many peoples asked for pet animals on their side and specially women are interested in this. In research we find that Britain people love Dogs more than their family members.

These types of people are very special:

 In the university of Shicago in America the Professor of vyavaharika science Nicholas Apley said this, in a magazine named Quartz. He said that from centuries we always said foolish to that person who talks with dogs. According to Nicholas we feel same pressure with talking to animals which we feel from talking with a man and it is a sign of sharp Brain.

Sign of Familiar

According to research talking with dogs or other animals is not the sign special talent but it is the sign of familiar. According to Apley when you talk normally with a man then you easily know the feeling of that man and this habit is also very helpful in talking with dogs or from tree and by Nicholas this type of habit from talking to dog is byproduct in talking to man. And it is also the sign of sensitiveness and behavior of the man.

According to Apley the process of Humanization makes the man perfect. He said sensitive man easily learn from man’s face that what is exactly going on his mind and this process is the part of Humanization. And by this he said talking with dogs or any other animal or product is not Abnormal, it is normal and people must understand this.