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Importance of mobile phones.

Ø Importance of mobile phones in our daily life
Ø Advantage and Disadvantage of Mobile Phones

Mobile phone becomes most important in everyone’s life. In 2011 an internet study showed that 85% of adult American own a mobile phone, and nearly half of them are smartphones. In 2016 62.9% of the population of the worldwide owned a mobile phone. But now in 2019 approx every person has mobile phone. Even the boys studying in the school have mobile phones. In starting 2019 the number of mobile phone users is reached to 4.70 billion. And the expected user of mobile phone at the end of 2019 is over 5 million.
importance of mobile phones,and advantages
importance of mobile phones

If u want to check that how many times in a day you check or use your phone than download an app named- Checky from playstore. It is a basic app that simply shows you how many times you use your phone in a day.
Mobile phone is very useful in any situation and also known as lifesavers. Because it can help people in emergencies. Today if people stuck on the middle of the road and he had no idea where to go then they used his mobile phone to track the address where they want to go.
Mobile phone is a comfortable way of communication to all over the world. Mobile phone act as torch, works as a calculator. It can also store data. It can also record audio and video. And the most important thing in mobile phone is camera for taking pictures.
Mobile phones are also known for entertainment like listening music, playing games, watching movies, using social media.

Ø Advantage of mobile phones in our life

1.     Easy way of communication.
2.     Internet access & Social media.
3.     Mobile phone saves money.
4.     Mobile phones Insure safety
5.     Mobile phones help in business.
6.     Benefit in studies by using of mobile phone.
7.     Useful in Entertainment.
8.     Connect to the world.
9.      Uses for data transfer.
10. We can see calendar in mobile phones.

Ø Disadvantage of mobile phone in our life.
1.     Interruptions:
Mobile phones are always available for communication. So incoming calls, SMS, emails or social media related notifications get into your phone even you are in meeting or with someone where you can’t see your mobile phone.
2.     Distraction:
Mobile phone is distraction point for students. Because students have to read for their exams but phone calls, SMS disturb students and they can’t focus on their studies. Most of the students are addicted to mobile phones and fond of playing games.
3.     Health Issues and Accidents:
Due to mobile phones accident are normal in today life. Many people do their work while driving the car or many people accepting the incoming calls on driving bikes.
In research we find that mobile phones have a negative impact on health of some people.

Ø Here are some statistics of mobile phone users per year from 2015 to 2020.
           Year                                                        No. of Mobile phone user in Billions
1.      2015                                                              4.15
2.      2016                                                              4.30
3.      2017                                                              4.43
4.      2018                                                              4.57
5.      2019                                                              4.68
6.      2020                                                              4.78

So finally after all of this we concluded that mobile phones have advantage and disadvantage both. Now it depends on the person that whether he use mobile phones for his improvement in his work or he use mobile phones for playing games or wasting time in any other way. Smart people always use mobile phones for his growth.


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