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Tuberculosis symptoms and treatment

     Tuberculosis (TB) Disease, Symptoms, Treatment, Drugs

What is TB?

TB is a disease caused by bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), which spread through the air from person to person. It often affect the lungs. TB disease is fatal disease. If the infected person not treated properly it can be harmful for his life. Tuberculosis is preventable and curable disease. If you are in close contact with someone who is suffering from TB, you can get it.

Ø  RNTCP: Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program

It runs in all states tuberculosis control initiative of the government of India. It is firstly launched in 1997 based on WHO DOTS strategy. This strategy has a vision of making a “TB free India” since 2012-17. In this both diagnosis and treatment of TB are free.

The objectives of RNTCP is to achieve and maintain a TB treatment success rate of at least 85% and in research the detection of at least 70% of people.

RNTCP has released a ‘National strategic plan for Tuberculosis 2017-25’ (NSP) for the control and elimination of TB in India by 2025. For this elimination RNTCP have four strategic pillars of “Detect-Treat-Prevent-Build” (DTPB).

In India free drugs and diagnostic tests for patient in government sector. And government also provides Rs.500/month for the patient’s healthy diet in his bank account. 

There are two types of TB;

1.    Latent TB

2.    Active TB

Ø Latent TB.

    If you have TB infection but the bacteria remain in your body is an inactive form cannot cause any symptoms. But it also can turn into active TB if you cannot get the proper treatment.

Ø Active TB.

    If the person is infected by Active TB, he gets sick and can spread to other. It can occur in few week or might take more time.

Symptoms of active TB:

1.    Fever

2.    Bad cough from longer than two weeks.

3.    Pain in chest.

4.    Shortness of breath.

5.    Loss in appetite.

6.    Night sweats.

7.    Fatigue.

8.    Chills.

9.    Weight loss.


In treatment of TB the most important point is to take care. There are more than 15 medicines are made to take care of the TB patient. And these medicines are developed in recent few years. The treatment usually consists of 6 to 12month course. But in treatment the patient has to take medicine regularly at the required time and required quantity. After sometime of taking medicine your doctor will monitor your treatment progress and gives surety that your medicine is working properly or not. In treatment of TB report your doctor if u have any side effect of medicine.


1.    The first prevention is to stop spreading of bacteria from one person to another.

2.    The treatment must start promptly.

3.    The correct TB drugs must be provided as soon as possible.

4.    There must be a continuous supply of prescribed drugs.

5.    Don’t drink Alcohol. It can add to risk of liver damage.

Some important drugs for TB patient:

·       Isoniazid 5 (mg/kg/body weight) max(mg) 300

·       Rifampicin 10 (mg/kg/body weight) max(mg) 600

·       Pyrazinamide 25 (mg/kg/body weight)

·       Ethambutol 15 (mg/kg/body weight)

Above are some famous drugs in Tuberculosis. But the patient must consult to doctor and follow the prescribed drug regularly because the treatment won’t work if it is not done.

Ø Healthy balanced diet for TB patient:

·       Pulse

·       Vegetables and fruits.

·       Milk and milk products.

·       Eggs& fish.

·       Nuts and oil seeds.