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Benefit of eating papaya

·       Papaya

                             Uses, Health Benefits, And Side Effects.

Papaya is a soft fruit with a yellowish-orange color. You can eat both type of papaya either it is ripe or unripe it depends on persons taste. Unripe papaya is used in form of vegetable and ripe papaya is used in form of fruit.

Papaya is very delicious fruit available in market all over the year. It gives us all nutrients and medicinal benefit. Most of people like to eat papaya in small amount after breakfast and lunch.

Papaya is helpful in digestion of our food but sometimes it also gives digestive stress if it is taken in we can also say that it also leads to digested issues.

Papaya pulp is also used in making shampoo and facial cream.
benefit of papaya

§  Papaya are also good source of:

1. Vitamin A

2. Vitamin C (in good quantity)

3. Folate

4. fiber

5. Copper

6. Pantothenic acid


Ø Scientific Name of Papaya-  Carica Papaya.

Ø Common Name of Papaya-  Pawpaw and Melon tree.

§  A great person Christopher Columbus said that Papaya is “The fruit of the Angles”.

Origin of Papaya:

Papayas are usually grown from seed, their development is very fast. Its seed are generally cultivated and grown. It can be easily cultivated in any type of clay and area. It grows in tropical climate. Its origin location is in Central America.

In now a days Hawaii is the only U.S state to commercially produce Papaya. Most papayas are either from Hawaii or Mexico. Papaya grows naturally in Caribbean and Florida too.

Today Papaya is cultivated throughout the tropical world and into the warmest part of the subtropics.

Best Health Benefits of Eating Papaya:

1.    Papaya is good for Digestion

2.    Papaya for heart disease Treatment

3.    Papaya is good for fair skin

4.    Papaya is good for eyes

5.    Papaya is for weight loss

6.    Papaya is good for sex

7.    Papaya prevents cold

8.    Papaya has anticancer properties

9.    Asthma prevention

Ø Other Health Benefit of Papaya

§  It is good for diabetic patient.

§  Eating papaya daily helps in tooth pain and swelling problem.

§  Seeds of papaya protect from kidney failure.

§  Papaya is also very helpful in increasing platelets when you are suffering from Dengue. The juice of leaves of papaya is very good for increasing our platelets in Dengue. Papaya leaves extracts boosts as well as regenerate the platelets and white blood cells. Papaya has some natural ingredients including the vitamins A, C and E which supports the immune system.

Ø Papayas Nutritional Benefit per 100gm:

          Water:  88.06gm

          Protein: 0.47gm

          Energy:  0.26gm

          Sugars:  1.7gm

Ø Minerals found in papaya:

Calcium: 20mg

Copper:  0.045mg

Iron:        0.25mg

Zinc:        0.08mg

Ø Side Effects of Papaya:

  1. Eating too much papaya can cause skin discoloration due to high    value of carotene.

  2. Eating too much papaya during pregnancy can harm women and his          baby.

  3. Papaya may give rise to respiratory disorders.

  4. Papaya can cause kidney stones development.

  5. Papaya may develop skin Rashes.

  6. Papaya may slow down our heartbeats.

  7. Papaya may cause constipation.


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