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Tuberculosis symptoms and treatment

     Tuberculosis (TB) Disease, Symptoms, Treatment, Drugs

What is TB?

TB is a disease caused by bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), which spread through the air from person to person. It often affect the lungs. TB disease is fatal disease. If the infected person not treated properly it can be harmful for his life. Tuberculosis is preventable and curable disease. If you are in close contact with someone who is suffering from TB, you can get it.

Ø  RNTCP: Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program

It runs in all states tuberculosis control initiative of the government of India. It is firstly launched in 1997 based on WHO DOTS strategy. This strategy has a vision of making a “TB free India” since 2012-17. In this both diagnosis and treatment of TB are free.

The objectives of RNTCP is to achieve and maintain a TB treatment success rate of at least 85% and in research the detection of at least 70% of people.

RNTCP has released a ‘National strategic plan for Tuberculosis 2017-25’ (NSP) for the control and elimination of TB in India by 2025. For this elimination RNTCP have four strategic pillars of “Detect-Treat-Prevent-Build” (DTPB).

In India free drugs and diagnostic tests for patient in government sector. And government also provides Rs.500/month for the patient’s healthy diet in his bank account. 

There are two types of TB;

1.    Latent TB

2.    Active TB

Ø Latent TB.

    If you have TB infection but the bacteria remain in your body is an inactive form cannot cause any symptoms. But it also can turn into active TB if you cannot get the proper treatment.

Ø Active TB.

    If the person is infected by Active TB, he gets sick and can spread to other. It can occur in few week or might take more time.

Symptoms of active TB:

1.    Fever

2.    Bad cough from longer than two weeks.

3.    Pain in chest.

4.    Shortness of breath.

5.    Loss in appetite.

6.    Night sweats.

7.    Fatigue.

8.    Chills.

9.    Weight loss.


In treatment of TB the most important point is to take care. There are more than 15 medicines are made to take care of the TB patient. And these medicines are developed in recent few years. The treatment usually consists of 6 to 12month course. But in treatment the patient has to take medicine regularly at the required time and required quantity. After sometime of taking medicine your doctor will monitor your treatment progress and gives surety that your medicine is working properly or not. In treatment of TB report your doctor if u have any side effect of medicine.


1.    The first prevention is to stop spreading of bacteria from one person to another.

2.    The treatment must start promptly.

3.    The correct TB drugs must be provided as soon as possible.

4.    There must be a continuous supply of prescribed drugs.

5.    Don’t drink Alcohol. It can add to risk of liver damage.

Some important drugs for TB patient:

·       Isoniazid 5 (mg/kg/body weight) max(mg) 300

·       Rifampicin 10 (mg/kg/body weight) max(mg) 600

·       Pyrazinamide 25 (mg/kg/body weight)

·       Ethambutol 15 (mg/kg/body weight)

Above are some famous drugs in Tuberculosis. But the patient must consult to doctor and follow the prescribed drug regularly because the treatment won’t work if it is not done.

Ø Healthy balanced diet for TB patient:

·       Pulse

·       Vegetables and fruits.

·       Milk and milk products.

·       Eggs& fish.

·       Nuts and oil seeds.


Benefit of eating papaya

·       Papaya

                             Uses, Health Benefits, And Side Effects.

Papaya is a soft fruit with a yellow and orange type of color. You may eat both type of papaya either it is ripe or unripe it depends on persons taste. Unripe papaya is used in form of vegetable and ripe papaya is used in form of fruit.

Papaya is delicious fruit and this fruit is available in market all over the year. It gives us all nutrients and medicinal benefit. Many people like to eat papaya after breakfast and lunch.

Papaya is helpful in digestion of our food but sometimes it also gives digestive stress if it is taken in we can also say that it also leads to digested issues.

Papaya pulp is also used in making shampoo and facial cream.
benefit of papaya

§  Papaya are also good source of:

1. Vitamin A

2. Vitamin C (in good quantity)

3. Folate

4. fiber

5. Copper

6. Pantothenic acid


Ø Scientific Name of Papaya-  Carica Papaya.

Ø Common Name of Papaya-  Pawpaw and Melon tree.

§  A great person Christopher said that Papaya is “The fruit of the Angles”.

Origin of Papaya:

Papayas are usually grown from seed, their development is very fast. Its seed are generally cultivated and grown. It can be easily cultivated in any type of clay and area. It grows in tropical climate. Its origin location is in Central America.

In now a days Hawaii is the only U.S state to commercially produce Papaya. Most papayas are either from Hawaii or Mexico. Papaya grows naturally in Caribbean and Florida too.

Today Papaya is cultivated throughout the tropical world and into the warmest part of the subtropics.

Best Health Benefits of Eating Papaya:

1.    Papaya is good for Digestion

2.    Papaya for heart disease Treatment

3.    Papaya is good for fair skin

4.    Papaya is good for eyes

5.    Papaya is for weight loss

6.    Papaya is good for sex

7.    Papaya prevents cold

8.    Papaya has anticancer properties

9.    Asthma prevention

Ø Other Health Benefit of Papaya

§  It is good for diabetic patient.

§  Eating papaya daily helps in tooth pain and swelling problem.

§  Seeds of papaya protect from kidney failure.

§  Papaya is also very helpful in increasing platelets when you are suffering from Dengue. The juice of leaves of papaya is very good for increasing our platelets in Dengue. Papaya leaves extracts boosts as well as regenerate the platelets and white blood cells. Papaya has some natural ingredients including the vitamins A, C and E which supports the immune system.

Ø Papayas Nutritional Benefit per 100gm:

          Water:  88.06gm

          Protein: 0.47gm

          Energy:  0.26gm

          Sugars:  1.7gm

Ø Minerals found in papaya:

Calcium: 20mg

Copper:  0.045mg

Iron:        0.25mg

Zinc:        0.08mg

Ø Side Effects of Papaya:

  1. Eating too much papaya can cause skin discoloration due to high    value of carotene.

  2. Eating too much papaya during pregnancy can harm women and his          baby.

  3. Papaya may give rise to respiratory disorders.

  4. Papaya can cause kidney stones development.

  5. Papaya may develop skin Rashes.

  6. Papaya may slow down our heartbeats.

  7. Papaya may cause constipation.

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Best captions for selfie of facebook and instagram DP.

   100 Attractive Captions For Your Facebook Profile Picture


                                       Instagram Pictures

 Find Good Caption for Your DP from My Attractive Collection…

                                       ENJOY READING.!!
selfie caption, for facebook and instagram
best selfie caption

     1.   Start Your Day with Cute Smile.

     2.   End Your Day with A Coolest Selfie.

     3.   I am not Egoist, I am Stylish.

     4.   Sometimes Silence is Better than words.

     5.   I always do What I Like to Do.

     6.   If you stay Positive in any situation you will Win.

     7.   If you dream big, get big.

     8.   If someone hates me, I really don’t Care.

     9.   Be happy and change your Profile Picture.

    10.  Taking selfie in Awkward Manner.

    11.  Look in the mirror and see no one looks like you. you look awesome

    12.  I really like my Photos.

    13.  I am not Perfect but No one like me.

    14.  Life is a journey enjoy it.

    15.  Smiling girls are the Prettiest.

    16.  Always keep smiling.

    17.  My autobiography.

    18.  This is funny part of my Life.

    19.  I am not lazy, But I want to keep my energy stored.

    20.  I want to live my life, not waste it.

    21.  Do your best, Forget the rest.

    22.  I am the captain of my Destiny.

    23.  Sunday Means Selfie Day.

    24.  Be calm good things take time.

    25.  God is really creative, just look at me.

    26.  I love my job only on Sunday.

    27.  I am unique. I am special.

    28.  I am not perfect but I am trying my best.

    29.  I want a Happy life not a perfect life.

    30.  It’s time to cheer up.

    31.  Happiness is just a chemical.

    32.  I was born to Hang out.

    33.  My attitude always depends on others behavior.

    34.  We were born to live not to become perfect.

    35.  I love the confidence in taking selfies.

    36.  The purpose of our life is to be happy and successful.

    37.  Here the king of selfies arrives.

    38.  I love my smiling face in selfies.

    39.  Smile is the sign of our happiness.

    40.  OMG! Look at my pictures.

    41.  Don’t copy my style of taking selfie.

    42.  Selfie with no Filter.

    43.  Selfie with my loving Relatives.

    44.  Life is made of small moments like this one.

    45.  A smiling face is always better than sad faces.

    46.  Always smile, it makes people confused and jealous.

    47.  Never give up. No matter how you feel.

    48.  Hatting me, makes me strong and independent.

    49.  Being classy isn’t showoff. It is a lifestyle.

    50.  A smile is the light of our soul.

    51.  You are well dressed when u wear a cute smile on your face.

    52.  Someone loves my smile more than anything in the world.

    53.  You know what’s funny about me? My behavior.

    54.  Fresh out of the shower, without makeup.

    55.  Always wear your smile like a crown.

    56.  My new profile picture after a long time.

    57.  My hobby is to take selfie.

    58.  The best is yet to come.

    59.  Life is a great adventure.

    60.  Nothing is completed until the selfie is posted.

    61.  Take my advice, you never fail.

    62.  Even the simplest thing is smile.

    63.  Champion is back with his best selfie.

    64.  Walk fearlessly in the direction of your dreams.

    65.  Every picture has it’s own story.

    66.  Simplicity level…

    67.  I love it.

    68.  A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

    69.  I’m so cute.

    70.  Happiness is in doing what people say you cannot.

    71.  Awarded as selfie of the year!

    72.  I lost my heart to you.

    73.  I still love you.

    74.  Love is caring for each other.

    75.  I am fallen in love with my profile picture.

    76.  Sun is also alone but it always shines.

    77.  Peace begins with a SMILE.

    78.  Always smile, because no one really cares.

    79.  Enjoying my life in my own way.

    80.  Never stop working hard.! It makes u feel better.

    81.  I like my job but not my boss.

    82.  Fly high and touch the sky.

    83.  Turn your face towards sun, and the shadow is behind you.

    84.  If life gets stuck. Comeback hard.

    85.  I don’t like to follow anyone. But I like being followed.

    86.  The world is full of nice people.

    87.  I’m the king of my own world.

    88.  Being single doesn’t mean always available.

    89.  I’m not beauty queen but I’m beautiful.

    90.  Before judging me look at you.

    91.  If you like me than THANKYOU!

    92.  A smile makes relationship between two people.

    93.  Don’t forget to take. SELFIE.

    94.  Just hanging with my friends!

    95.  Deal with your problems before it disturbs you.

    96.  It’s time to move out from old memories.

    97.  Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.

    98.  In this cruel world I have the courage of soft-heart.

    99.  I can’t be out of money, I still have coins left.

  100.  No pain. No gain.

So guys, these were some attractive captions you can use for your

Facebook profile pictures OR Instagram pictures.