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Tuberculosis symptoms and treatment

Tuberculosis (TB) Disease, Symptoms, Treatment, Drugs

What is TB?
TB is a disease caused by bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), which spread through the air from person to person. It often affect the lungs. TB disease is fatal disease. If the infected person not treated properly it can be dangerous for his life. Tuberculosis is preventable and curable disease. If you are in close contact with whom has TB, you can get it.

ØRNTCP:Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program
It is the state run tuberculosis control initiative of the government of India. It is firstly launched in 1997 based on WHO DOTS strategy. By this strategy India has a vision of making a “TB free India” since 2012-17. In RNTCP both diagnosis and treatment of TB are free.
The initial of objectives of RNTCP is to achieve and maintain a TB treatment success rate of at least 85%. And the detection of at least 70% of people.
RNTCP has released a ‘National strategic plan for Tuberculosis 2017-25’ (NSP) for the control and el…

Benefit of eating papaya

Uses, Health Benefits, And Side Effects.

Papaya is a soft fruit with a yellowish-orange color. You can eat both type of papaya either it is ripe or unripe it depends on persons taste. Unripe papaya is used in form of vegetable and ripe papaya is used in form of fruit.
Papaya is very delicious fruit available in market all over the year. It gives us all nutrients and medicinal benefit. Most of people like to eat papaya in small amount after breakfast and lunch.
Papaya is helpful in digestion of our food but sometimes it also gives digestive stress if it is taken in we can also say that it also leads to digested issues.
Papaya pulp is also used in making shampoo and facial cream.

§Papaya are also good source of:
1. Vitamin A
2. Vitamin C (in good quantity)
3. Folate
4. fiber
5. Copper
6. Pantothenic acid

ØScientific Nameof Papaya-Carica Papaya.
ØCommon Name of Papaya-Pawpaw and Melon tree.

§A great person Christopher Columbus said that Papaya is “The fruit of the Angles”.
Origin of …

Best captions for selfie of facebook and instagram DP.

100 Attractive Captions For Your Facebook Profile Picture
Instagram Pictures

 Find Best Caption for Your DP from My Attractive Collection…

1. Start Your Day with Cute Smile.
2.End Your Day with A Coolest Selfie.
3.I am not Egoist, I am Stylish.
4.Sometimes Silence is Better than words.
5.I always do What I Like to Do.
6.If you stay Positive in any situation you must Win.
7.If you dream big, get big.
8. If someone hates me, I really don’t Care.
9. Be happy and change your Profile Picture.
10.Taking selfie in Awkward Manner.
11.Look in the mirror and see no one looks like you.
12.I really like my Photos.
13.I am not Perfect but No one like me.
14.Life is a journey enjoy it.
15.Smiling girls are the Prettiest.
16.Always keep smiling.
17.My autobiography.
18.This is funny part of my Life.
19.I am not lazy, But I don’t want to waste my energy.
20.I want to live my life, not waste it.
21.Do your best, Forget the rest.
22.I am the captain of my Destiny.
23.Sunday Means Selfie Day.
24.Be calm good …